Tomato is a warm season crop so it can easily be grown in tropical and sub tropical areas. It requires six to eight hours of daily sunshine. so you need to keep the pot in area receiving adequate amount of sunshine. 

It can be grown by direct seeding. Irrigate mature tomato crop at an interval of 2-3 days during summer and 7 to 10 days during winters. Do not over irrigate your crop.

 If soil in pot seems to be drying you can pour small amount of water to maintain moisture but do not pour excess water as it can harm the plant. When the plant is small it requires frequent watering at the root zone. Keep removing weeds that grow in the pot to minimise nutrient stress. 

Crop can be harvested 100 days after seedling growth. Tomatoes should not be pulled from vines but should be picked with a twisting motion of hands to separate fruits from the stem. Harvest the tomato when fruits become nearly all red or pink but the flesh remains hard.

You can grow tomato in various type and size of pots but it should not be of small size. Pot size can range from medium to large. 

How To Grow Tomato At Home?

Seeding & Transplanting

Tomato seed can be directly purchased from market or you can prepare seeds from tomatoes purchased from the vegetable store.

Preparation of pot mix soil

  • Mix  1/3 part of soil, 1/3 part of sand and 1/3 part of vermicompost in the pot.
  • Water it before sowing the seed .
  • Test the soil pH if possible, it should range between 6 to 7.

Sowing of seeds

  • sow 2 to 3 seeds in medium size pot and 4 to 8 seeds in large pot while leaving some space between each seed.
  • Place the seeds nearly 1/4 inch deep in soil and pat down lightly.
  • Do not leave sown pots in direct sunlight. 
  • Water the pot more frequently till you see plant sprouts.
  • Once the plant has grown to at least 6 inches, move the pot in area receiving direct sunlight.
  • Do not water frequently after seeds have germinated.


  • When plant has grown to at least 6 inches it becomes ready for transplanting.
  • you can pick the plant with roots attached to plant in soil mix with the help of khurpi.
  • Place it in another pot and cover its roots with soil.
  • Take care while transplanting to do not disturb the root of plant.
  • Pat the planted area lightly.
  • Remove all the leaves that remains below soil level to ensure less chances of disease.





  • Keep checking any type of of weed infestation in pot or abnormalities in plant.
  • Keep adding vermicompost or any organic compost once a month to ensure continuous nutrient supply to plant.
  • As the plant grow it will need support to survive. You can place stick or can give it support with rope to the growing plant.
  • Water only at the base of plant, do not sprinkle water on leaves as it can cause diseases.
  • Water your plant weekly or sometime keep checking, if its drying then water a little just to provide enough moisture to plant roots.




फसल की कटाई

Nearly after 70 to 100 days after transplanting the fruit will be ready for harvesting.

  • Fruit will become nearly all red or pink and the flesh will remain hard.
  • Do not pull it directly as it can harm your plant.
  • gently twist the fruits and avoid pulling the vine.

Keep this cycle repeated and enjoy fresh, healthy and organic tomatoes grown in your home.

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