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Excoecaria cochinchinensis comes under plant species within the genus Excoecaria. The family of Chinese Croton is यूफोर्बिएसी. It is native to South East Asia and China. Commonly known as Chinese croton, Blindness tree, Buta Buta, और jungle fire plant.
Chinese croton is a shrub that grows up to a height of 2 meters. Its leaves are opposite, their texture shiny and papery, the side dark green or variegated and underside a deep maroon. The common name of the Blindness tree comes from Latin “Excoecaria” to form blind, Sap in the eyes is reported to causes blindness.
Chinese croton is cultivated as an ornamental tropical plant, green house plant. It is a really attractive and pest-resistant plant. Mr. Sital Sarkar has shared a few tips based on his experience with Chinese Crotons. You can read more of Mr. Sarkar’s tips in the बागवानी Label.

Chinese Croton Care guide

1. You can purchase seedlings from any nursery or online or propagate through cutting.

2. If you want to propagate it from cutting than take 3 to 5 inches long shoot tips in spring.

3. Use rooting medium like IBA (Indole butyric acid) powder to induce roots in cutting. If you have no rooting medium no problem. Rooting medium increases success to develop roots in cuttings.

4. Pick some leaves from below part of the cutting and clear where the rooting hormone will be applied.

5. Use 3 inches diameter garden container to develop seedlings.

6. Use potting mix to grow like 60% coco peat+ 20%soil+ 10% sand or any well drain peat moss containing potting mix.

7. Potting mix pour into the garden container and water high before transplant cuttings.

8. Now wash shoot cuttings in low concentrate broad-spectrum fungicide. If you have no fungicide just wash it thoroughly in freshwater.

9. Now dip cuttings in rooting powder and transplant it into the potting medium by making a hole with pencil tips. Now press the potting mix to tight up cuttings in medium.

10. You can plot one cuttings in the container to develop seedlings.

11. Do not cover it with transplant polythene just placed your container under the semi-shade area.

12. The cuttings will start rooting in 3 to 4 weeks.

13. Water medium frequently till seedlings are developed properly.

14. When seedlings are well developed then transfer each seedling into 6-inch diameter garden containers.

15. Now use potting mix like 70% loamy soil +10% coco peat+ 20 % white sand or any potting medium having good porosity.

16. Placed it where continuous light could be provided. Otherwise they lose their leaves. 

17. Chinese crotons require profuse watering. Overwatering can damage your plants. Next watering done when topsoil will be going dry.

18. Feeding of plants is ½ teaspoon bone dust in a month. 

19. Need not to prune excessively because it is a slow-growing plant.
20. The size of the plant can be controlled by pruning.

21. Remove and destroy all fallen leaves, prune all dead or infected branches. 

22. It is pest-free plants. Just maintain the cleanness of pot and plants.

23. Change pot as per the growth of plants.

Importance of Chinese Croton

1. It is an excellent ornamental container plants.

2. It is suitable for indoor plants and easy to maintain.

3. It has anti-parasitic, antimicrobial, antipruritic, hemostatic, and uterotonic effects.

4. It is believed to help cure conditions such as dysentery, hematemesis, post-partum hemorrhage, and allergies.

5. Used in folk medicine for itching furuncles and allergies.
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