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We are glad that you have visited our page to look out for your career, you may be already a graduate or have passed your High School and is looking for many options for you to make your life better. Generally people who are studying hard to pass medical examinations during or after passing 12th standards look out for other options such as Agriculture as their future career. 

Say it or not but we believe in accepting the truth, In developing countries like India generally a student’s future is decided by many aspects. Be it social scenario, parents advice or in some cases pressure, relatives influence, money or finance, knowledge, competition etc. Only few students in India take courage to choose their career independently but now this number is increasing that’s why India is witnessing many new careers and successful stories in different fields other than commonly taken Medical or Engineering. We are not discouraging participation in Medicine or Engineering, they both have indeed excellent career options but we, mostly the middle class and poor class of the societies must not limit ourselves within these two career options. In reality if you will clearly look into your life then you will find many possibilities for your right career.

First of all at any age or at any stage of your life, if you are willing to choose or try something new then ask yourself “WHY”

This will give you better results, while deciding do not consider what society thinks or whats opinions you will receive from your relatives for choosing a career option. Think about what makes you feel interesting and keeps you engaged. 

After getting the answer of WHY, ask yourselves “What and How” 

  • If you are a person who loves nature, likes to grow plant, want to do something different, is good in botany, good in biochemistry etc. then Agriculture Science has many career options open for you. 
  • You can become Agriculture Scientist, Food Microbiologist, Crop Scientist, Soil engineer, Food Researcher, Agronomist, Agricultural Inspector, Horticulturalists, Agriculture Officer, Farm Manager, Conservation Planner, Plant Geneticists, Production Manager, Crop Specialist and many more.
  • We will be discussing each of the following in detail and also the success story of people who selected agriculture science as their career.
  • If you are thinking money is the limiting factor then you must be wrong because Subject Matter Expert in Agronomy can earn in the range 75,000 to 1,60,000 Indian Rupees and it increases with time. In developed countries pay scale are even higher. If you are thinking about public opinions surrounding your environment then always remember that Respect is earned from your work, not from public opinions at the beginning of your career.
Thank you for reading our article, we hope it must have enlightened your views, we will be updating more about career in agriculture science, feel free to to give suggestions or to Contact Us. Share this article to encourage students.

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