Every beginner feel curious about which plant to choose for gardening. There is a lot of confusion based on price, care, and selection of places for growing plants for the first time.

Remember, when you visited your school for the first time and what was your experience? Although some may felt happy or some even cried seeing their parents leaving them in the school to study.

But whether happy or sad we were more curious about new things happening in our school. Every day was fun, filled with mistakes and learning. Same is with gardening

We grow plants, commit mistakes, and then learn from the mistakes. But do you remember we were not taught to make sentences in a day? 

We learned it step by step, the same is with gardening. First, learn to grow easy to care for plants. Once you have grown them successfully, you will feel happiness from inside and that will motivate you to grow many more plants in the future.

I have grown vegetables, flowers to indoor plants in my garden as well as I have studied agriculture science. Through my articles, I will be helping you to grow plants in your garden.

Whether you are a beginner in gardening or a pro, you can grow these five plants very easily in your garden.

1. Tulsi or Holy Basil

tulsi holy basil

Tulsi is considered as a holy plant in Bharat (India). Besides its spiritual values, Tulsi plants have many other benefits like chewing tulsi leaves improves immunity.

Tulsi plants acts as an insecticide and helps to keep not only the pest away from your garden but it also keeps away mosquitoes.

Tulsi is easy to care for plant. It does not require much care and has a lot of benefits. There are many varieties of tulsi plant. Different varieties have different benefits and qualities.

I suggest if you are planning to start your garden, start with the tulsi plant and send us your response. It is one of the best plant for the beginner gardening.


2. Rhoeo Plant

It is a beautiful garden plant that is native to Belize, Guatemala, and Southern Mexico. They are hardy plants and you can easily grow this plant in your home garden.

Rhoeo plant has medicinal benefits and requires moderate watering to grow. This plant is not much susceptible to pest that’s why it does not require pesticide spray.

It grows well under bright sunlight hence can be grown outdoors on the terrace garden in pots.


3. Purple Heart Plant

purple heart plant

It is an evergreen perennial plant. Purpleheart plant is known for its air-purifying qualities. It purifies the air and removes harmful chemicals present in the air.

You can keep this plant indoors as well as in your terrace garden. This plant is unique in having its beautiful shape. It requires good amount of watering to grow well.

You can grow this plant in a pot or in growing bags. Adding this plant in the garden will not only beautify your garden but also purifies the air.

This plant is not costly and you can easily purchase it from nearest plant nursery or online plant store.

Once you have grown, you can propagate this plant by cutting. Hence its number will increase much faster in your garden. You can start gardening purple heart plant easily.


4. Dragon Tree

dragon tree

They are easy to care for and awesome indoor plants to add in your garden. They are available in many varieties. They look beautiful in indoor space.

You can grow this plant in your garden during the spring season. It grows well through cutting. They are also air purifying plants.

Dragon tree can filter carcinogenic elements like formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene from the air. It is less prone to pests and requires moderate watering. This plant is quite fit for beginners gardening.


5. Snake Plants

snake plants

Snake plants are one of my favorite plants for beginner gardening. Although snake plants are mildly toxic but its qualities make it an awesome home plant.

It requires less frequency of watering as well as it is a pest-free plant. It grows well in shade. You can also choose between various varieties of snake plants.

This plant can tolerate drought, low light, bright light, etc. I will recommend you to add this plant to your home. It also filters out harmful chemicals from the air.


Comment below your favorite plants for Beginner Gardening and let us know your interest in gardening. You can contact us to give suggestions or to ask questions.

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