From this ultimate guide on 24 hour oxygen giving plants you will get to know the names of plants that produces oxygen even during night.

Many people ask “Which plant give 24-hour oxygen.” Yet few argue that plants can’t give 24-hour oxygen. They believe that oxygen production only takes during the day by photosynthesis.

But this is not true, few plants can be 24-hour oxygen giving plants. They can produce oxygen in the day as well as at night. People generally ask for scientific explanation and I am providing you. Any student of Botany or agriculture already know this.


Plants like Areca Palm, Snake Plants, Aloe vera, Tulsi, Neem, etc. can produce oxygen at night with the help of the dark reaction.

They follow CAM (Crassulacean Acid Metabolism) pathway.
Photosynthesis can take place by two pathways:
Light Reaction और Dark Reaction
In light reaction, in the presence of light O2 is released by splitting of H2O.

In Dark reaction, in the absence of light CO2 is used to make sugars. (Calvin Cycle)

During night plants open stomata to minimize water loss and CO2 is absorbed by the stomata and O2 is released. Absorbed particles are stored in vacuoles as Malate.

But not all the plants can do that, only a few plants that follow the CAM pathway can give 24-hour oxygen to the atmosphere. These plants perform both C3 and C4 cycles.

However many researchers have still many doubts on this topic, few say these plants are exceptions.

Let’s now discuss the names and description of 24 Hour Oxygen Giving Plants.

24 Hours Oxygen Giving Plants

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अरेका पाम ( डिप्सिस ल्यूटसेंस )

areca palm, 24 hour oxygen giving indoor plant
Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

 एरेका पाम or Golden Palm, Butterfly Palm, or Yellow Palm is native to tropical and subtropical regions. They can be grown as an indoor as well as outdoor plants.

Areca palm is normally grown as an ornamental plant in the home garden. They are known for their air-purifying qualities and they can supply 24 hours of oxygen as well. 

They can filter Formaldehyde, Xylene and Toluene from air. I am growing this in my terrace garden as well as in my indoor garden.

Besides so many benefits its lush green coloured leaves gives a refreshing feel. It is quite easy to care for this plant and it does not cost much.

It also propagates from its offshoots in the pot, in a year you can easily propagate 6 to 7 new plants from the old one.


तुलसी (राम तुलसी)

तुलसी is quite famous as a spiritual plant in India. It has many health benefits. According to Ayurveda chewing तुलसी leaves improved immunity that’s many doctors have advised to chew at least 3 to 4 tulsi leaves in a day to improve immunity.

Tulsi plants can be grown in different regions depending on the variety and is a perennial plant.

If you grow तुलसी in your home it will also help to keep mosquitoes and pests away from your home. Yes, the Tulsi plant also has mosquitoes repellent qualities.

Rama Tulsi gives 24 hours of oxygen supply to the nature. It is also believed that the tulsi plant spreads positive energy. You should at least have one tulsi plant in your home.

However, this plant requires plenty of sunlight to grow that’s why it is advised to grow this plant outdoor or in the terrace garden. If your balcony or window is sun facing then you can also grow this plant there.


स्नेक प्लांट ( ड्रेकेना ट्रिफ़सिएटा )

snake plant, air purifying plant, 24 hour oxygen giving plant,
Snake Plant, Photo by Noyo creatif on Unsplash

Snake plants are quite famous among garden enthusiasts. However, they are moderately toxic but they are known for air-purifying quality, amazing snake leaf shape, and for supplying 24-hour oxygen. 

They are evergreen perennial plants that are available in different colors, patterns, and sizes depending on the variety. Snake plant grow well in shade and can be easily grown in indoor space. 

Snake plants can be easily grown in tropical to subtropical regions. They can filter Benzene, Trichloroethylene, Formaldehyde, Xylene, and Toluene from the air.

I purchased a single snake plant in March, 2020 and now I see three to four new plants growing from the single plant.

I water them once in three days in summer. You can easily add this plant in your home garden, they perform well in indoor space.


एलोवेरा ( एलो बारबाडेंसिस )

aloe vera, indoor plant, oxygen giving plant,
Photo by pisauikan on Unsplash

Besides giving 24-hour oxygen supply to the atmosphere Aloe vera plant has many other benefits. Aloe pulp juice has antioxidant compounds that are used in cosmetics.

Its gel is highly beneficial to the skin. According to the Ayurveda research scholars, aloe juice can help to reduce skin wrinkles and prevents the sign of aging.

Aloe gel can also be used as a pharmaceutical product in reducing blood sugar, to treat injuries on the skin, to maintain good blood flow in the veins, etc.

Aloe vera plants filters Benzene and Formaldehyde from the air. Hence it is also an air purifier plant. This plant can grow easily in tropical regions. You can grow them indoors as well as in your terrace garden in pots.


नीम का पेड़ ( नीम )

Neem tree is a tropical plant that is native to Bharat (India). Neem leaves and plant shoots are popularly known for their medicinal properties. 

However, they grow as a tree but can be grown in the home as a bonsai. They release oxygen in the day as well as at night. Its fruits and seeds are used to get neem oil.

Neem oil is beneficial in organic pest control. Flowers, fruits, and shoots of neem plant are eaten as vegetables in India. 
Their products are used in Ayurvedic and Unani medicines.

और पढ़ें: NEEM TREE

पीपल ( पवित्र पीपल वृक्ष)

Peepal tree is considered divine in India and it can perform photosynthesis through CAM pathway. Peepal tree is also of great significance in Sanatana, Buddhism, and Jainism. People tree can live for around 900 to 1500 years and releases oxygen during night.

मनी प्लांट (पोथोस)

They are wonderful houseplant that is popular for producing oxygen for most of the time. Pothos can grow and survive well under indirect sunlight in well drained potting mix that can hold moisture. And if you are a beginner then you can grow and propagate pothos easily.

I have provided the name and description of five “24 Hour Oxygen Giving Plants.” You can give suggestions in the comment box given below if you have more names of 24 hour oxygen giving plants. 

समान पोस्ट


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