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We all are fond of flowers, their fragrance, shape, and color. Flower plants not only make our garden look gorgeous but it also adds value to our garden.

Sitting in a flower garden makes our mind peaceful. More than fragrance flowers have special effects on our mind, we somehow get connected to flowers in our garden.

Flowers also have medicinal values too. It is the summer of June and garden enthusiasts have started thinking about flowering plants to grow in June.

So I decided to make a list of 5 Best Flowering Plants to Grow in June. This article will make you understand the name and basic description of these flowering plants.

1. Mexican Petunia 

flowering plants mexican petunia

This flowering plant is available in three colors in the market metallic blue, white, and pink. Mexican petunia is a flowering evergreen plant. You can grow them in containers in summer.

Although you can grow this plant on various kinds of soils but it grows well on cocopeat. June and July is a good time for its propagation.

Besides its beauty of flowers, Mexican petunias have medicinal benefits too. They are used to treat skin diseases, destroy parasitic worms, etc. 

It is also used in folk medicines to treat syphilis and gonorrhea.


2. 9 0 Clock or Portulaca

9 o clock flowering plants

It is a succulent as well as a flowering plant. This plant is mostly found in southern Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. It widely grows in temperate climate.

It is grown as an ornamental plant in the home garden. You can easily grow this plant from spring season to summer of June and July.

This flowering plant is available in various colors and patterns and is easy to care for plants. Its seed takes 10 to 15 days to germinate.




They are sensitive to cold and are grown in tropical to subtropical regions. This plant loves partial shade to grow. You can grow this plant in June and July.

Gardenia requires well-drained soil to grow. Although if you are growing this plant you should maintain soil moisture properly. 

You can also grow this plant indoors as well as outdoors. It is one of the best choices if you are planning to grow flower plants this summer in your home garden.

4. Rangoon Creeper

rangoon creeper

This flowering plant is popularly known as Madhumaliti in India. It is also known as Chinese honeysuckle. Rangoon creeper is a vine having beautiful red flowers.

This plant is habitual to tropical Asia you can easily grow this plant in this region. It grows well in full sun to partial shade. If you are growing this plant then avoid the application of nitrogen-rich fertilizer. 

You can propagate Rangoon creeper’s vine from cuttings. June to July is good for propagating this plant. It requires a larger space to grow as it spreads well if pruned correctly.

You can add this adorable flowering plant in your outdoor garden.

5. Hibiscus 


Quite common yet amazing flowering plants for home. Known for its flowers of various shapes and colors. From red to pink and white, hibiscus is found in many other color variations.

Hibiscus plants love full sun and grow well in tropical region. You can grow them in a container or directly in the soil in your outdoor garden. 

Hibiscus plant does not like cold weather, if you are growing hibiscus in containers then keep it indoors during winters.

Use fertilizers high in potassium for heavy blooming of flowers. Hibiscus requires a good amount of fertilizer to grow well.

You can apply a handful of organic compost every month for good growth of your plant. You can propagate hibiscus plants from cutting.

If you are new to gardening then I will recommend you to purchase different varieties of hibiscus and start growing it in your home this summer.


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