Calculate crop population per acre with the help of our free and effective crop population calculator.

Crop Population Calculator

Here are the step by step methods to use our crop population calculator:

  1. Stand Count: First, enter the number of plants in the given area.
  1. Length Of Row: Enter the distance in appropriate unit (feet, meters, centimeters, or inches) along a single row where the plants are planted.
  1. Length Of Spacing: Then, enter the distance between plant to plant within a row.
  1. Calculate: After entering all the details correctly, enter the “Calculate” button, estimated number of plants that can be accommodated in one acre of land will be displayed soon after you click on the calculate button.

To determine the agricultural land area in acres you can also use our area calculator. It will help you to use our plant population calculator. By using this calculator you can increase productivity in your farm.

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