Russia and the Eurasian republics cover a large and diverse geographical region with a wide range of climates, soil types, and topography. The best areas of agriculture in Russia and the Eurasian republics are the western margins of the steppe (Krasnodar Kray and Belgorod Oblast) and forest steppe (Voronezh and Kursk regions).

Here are some areas that are considered well-suited for agriculture:

  1. Black Earth (Chernozem) Belt in Russia: Known for its fertile chernozem soil, this region stretches across Central Russia and is suitable for grain crops such as wheat, barley, and oats.
  1. Volga River Valley: This river valley in Russia is famous for the cultivation of grains, sunflowers, and vegetables.
  1. Southern Russia (Krasnodar Krai and Stavropol Krai): Due to the temperate climate in this region, it is suitable for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables.
  1. Ukraine: Ukraine is known as the “Breadbasket of Europe” due to its fertile soils. In this region, crops such as wheat, barley, and corn are cultivated on a large scale.

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