what is meant by cash crops

Cash crops are the crops cultivated by farmers on a large scale for commercial purposes to make a profit. Often the crops are cultivated on a private farmland that is controlled by a company, government or a group of people. Generally, the cultivated crop is harvested, stored, packed and sold by the owner of the firm. An intensive farming system is adopted for cultivating cash crops to get higher yields. Some of the common examples of cash crops are tea, coffee, sugarcane, cocoa, spices, etc.

Unlike food crops such as rice, wheat, etc. that are cultivated for direct consumption or to fulfill dietary needs, cash crops are cultivated to get economic gains by doing value addition. For example, after harvesting cocoa beans, they are fermented to make chocolates that are sold at higher rates than raw cocoa beans; jute is cultivated to extract jute fibers; sugarcane is cultivated to get sugar and jaggery, etc.

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