The Agriculture Trend is a revolutionary and ever green trend that keeps upgrading time to time. Before understanding or knowing about agriculture trend, first let us understand what we call a ‘trend.’


agriculture trend
Agriculture Trend


We define trend as a direction in which something is changing or developing. Like fashion trends, in India earlier people used to wear traditional clothes only. But at present there is a huge demand of western clothes. 

So you see, the trend of fashion in India changed. From having craze or demand of traditional clothes to western clothes. Just like that there are trends in every niche. A trend is very effective in shaping the possibilities of the niche in the future.

You must be thinking now what would be the trend in agriculture. Well I’m here for you to tell you current agriculture trend in the global scenario. You must be already knowing that without good and effective agricultural practices we can’t have food in our plates.

This demand of food globally is the basic demand of human civilization. that gave rise to the continuous practice of organized agricultural practices in the world. The main aim is to fulfil the overall requirement of demand of food in the world.

Also if you think as a farmer then you must want to earn profit from your farm by increasing production or overall yield of whether cereal crops, fruits, vegetables, milk, flowers, eggs, meat, etc.

There are so many aspects depending on what type of farming practice you have adopted. To develop these aspects to increase the overall yield determines the agriculture trend. As you already know that the population is increasing continuously but the land size remains same.

This problem has directed agriculture to progressive but challenging path that has changed the way in which agriculture was practiced in ancient times. Let us now read and know about the agriculture trend that can change the way you think.

If you are in agriculture then you should keep in mind about these agriculture trend for progressive growth:




1. Migration

Migration of young rural population to the cities in search of jobs instead of practicing farming in their own farm land has resulted in decline in farm growth in rural areas. This scenario is majorly in developing countries like India, Indonesia, etc. 

Due to poor infrastructure and self esteem of the rural youth, migration is in large numbers. On the other hand, there are also educated people from urban areas that are shifting to rural areas for sustainable, eco friendly and peaceful life. 

But the urban to rural migration is very less. Due to the migration in huge numbers few people or organization has started developing their farms in urban cities in green houses. Urban farms have also came up with the idea of vertical farming to reduce the dependency on horizontal farm space.

This has also led to migration of farm from rural to urban areas, many organization have started hydroponics, aeroponics or aquaponics in the urban setup to fulfil the demand of the market. 

In rural areas generally due to excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides, common people have started realizing the side effects, that’s why, the elite group and upper middle class families are preferring organic foods.

The urban farms and few rural farms have adopted organic farming practices to meet the increasing demand of the organic food in the society. Due to the less organic food production and high demand the price of organic food is higher than the normal.




2. Biotechnology

Introduction of bio-technology has revolutionized agriculture. Due to the continuous growth of the population the food demand increased. This inspired the scientists to develop genetically modified crops that performs better than the crops developed by normal breeding practices. 

This has also led to the crop protection and effective control of pest due to genetic modification of the crops. We can take the example of Bt cotton, in which genetic modification helped to increase overall yield due to effective control the pest bollworm.

Tissue culture, Marker-Assisted selection, Recombinant DNA and Gene cloning, Transgenic crops, Plant Bioinformatics, Biopesticides, Biofertilizers, Bioremediation, etc. are the important fields of research in Bio-technology that can further modify the trend of agriculture in upcoming future.




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3. Resource Scarcity

As you can realise that the resources in the environment are not unlimited, it is expected that till 2050, the population will reach to 7 Billion and the availability of useable water both for consumption and agriculture use will be less than 70%. 

Due to limiting resources new technologies and methods are being adopted to increase Water use efficiency. That means that we are trying to find the ways in which we can use less resources and can give maximum productivity.

One such adaptation is the partial root zone irrigation method in arid regions. In this method only half root zone area is irrigated and the other half is left to dry, researchers observed that by using this system of irrigation they are able to get maximum efficiency from the crop by using less resources.

As the temperature is rising due to the global warming, it is expected that for each 1.8 degree Fahrenheit increase in temperature the crop yield reduces by around 10 percent. Research on rice is going on to change in genomes so that rice starts performing as a C4 plants to improve yields even at higher temperatures.





4. Introduction of Technology

In ancient days, agriculture practices were carried out with the help of human efforts, domesticated animals, etc. but with the development of technology to ease the way of farming and help the farmers in the best possible way, new technologies in the form of tractors, drones, etc. have taken place of traditional tools and implements.

Artificial intelligence has made the farming easier, now while sitting at a place an educated farmer can control the ongoing activities in the farm with the help of a drone, whether it is surveying the field, or spraying pesticides, or to detect any disease in the field, all the activities are possible with the help of artificial intelligence.




5. Livestock Trend

The demand of products obtained through livestock farming like milk, eggs and meat are always increasing. In earlier days there was no proper regulations and guide lines regarding the domestication of livestock. Due to which malpractices began to be carried out in farms to increase the production.

But due to awareness and increasing demand farm owners are shifting to better and fair practices to ensure that the domesticated animal receives good care and at the same time the use of high yielding cattle, pigs, poultry, fishes, etc. ensures good returns. 

Phasing out the use of sow furrowing crates by large food companies and supermarkets from their supply chains is the new change. 


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