Buy Aster Seeds With High Germination Rate For Gardening


Aster Seeds With High Germination Rate.

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  • Follow Step By Step guide given in the description below.


NOTE: If you are new to germinating seeds, then you can get help from our experts by messaging us on our social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. We not only want to sell seeds to our valued customers but we want to see them germinating our seeds successfully. It brings happiness, peace & joy.

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If you are looking to fill your garden with shades of white, purple, blue or pink then start germinating aster seeds by purchasing them from our online store. We offer high quality seeds with good germination rate and assist you in germinating them in your garden. If you are living in plains, then you can start sowing aster seeds from September to November. After purchasing seeds from our store, you can connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to get free tips on germinating seeds.

Aster is a perennial flowering plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family and is popular for its striking daisy-like flowers. It comes in a wide range of vibrant colours, including purple, blue, pink, and white. They are a favorite among pollinators, attracting butterflies and bees with their nectar-rich blossoms.

Asters come in various species and cultivars, allowing for different heights and growth habits to suit various garden settings. Whether used as border plants, in mixed flower beds, or as cut flowers in floral arrangements, Asters are prized for their beauty, ease of care, and their contribution to a vibrant and lively garden.

Now, let’s learn the process of germinating aster seeds and care required during the process of germination.

How To Germinate Aster Seeds?

Factors such as sowing time, soil, medium, moisture, nutrients, seed quality etc. plays a vital role in germination of aster seeds. Hence, you need to take care of all these points for germinating seeds.

Sowing Time

  • If you are living in tropical to sub tropical regions that faces hot summer then you can start growing this plant from September to October.
  • But if you are living in temperate or hilly regions that have colder climate then you can start growing this flowering plant during  spring season.

Growing Medium

  • Prepare potting mix with 40% cocopeat + 40% cow dung manure + 20% river sand. Mix them together very well and add half tea spoon fungicide powder.
  • Fill the container with this potting mix and leave some space at the top for watering purpose. Apply water gently in the container.

Sowing Of Seeds

  • Sow the seeds by keeping 1 centimetre distance between each seeds in pot, you can also broadcast seeds on the soil. Cover the sown seeds with a thin layer of potting mix.


  • Apply water gently after sowing, do not over water. Whenever top layer of the soil seems dry apply a little amount of water carefully.

Location & Time

  • Keep the germination container in shade and check regularly for soil moisture.
  • Within 1o to 15 days you will notice new seedlings coming out of the soil.
  • After near about 25 to 30 days, seedlings will become ready to be transplanted.

If you are a beginner and facing problems in germinating aster seeds, then you can connect with our experts on Facebook & Instagram to get guidance in germinating seeds.

Learn complete guide on grow aster from here- How To Grow & Care For Aster Plant

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