Lemon tree is one of the finest and coolest evergreen trees that garden hobbyists love to see or add in their indoor as well as outdoor garden. Lemon fruits are needed in day to day life, so why not start growing a lemon tree in urban areas if you haven’t started growing yet.

Just look in the picture of how cool and delicious it looks, isn’t it?

Oh, come on I can see that the picture itself has started creating an image in your mind of growing a lemon tree in your home and someday pick out beautiful yellow ripe lemon and cut it with a knife, squeeze it, pour juices in the glass then add some water with salt or sugar as you desire and then have it all touch your inner sensation while drinking it. 

I feel it will make you surely happy and that satisfaction on your face means that you should start growing lemon trees from the day itself you reach out, read and share my article.
So let’s start with some knowledge about the lemon tree

  • Lemon trees can’t survive frost( too much cold) or too much high temperatures. 

  • Lemon tree botanical name is Citrus lion. 

  • Lemon tree belongs to the Rutaceae family. 
  • Lemon tree is a small evergreen flowering tree. 
  • Lemon tree loves sunshine, it grows well in receiving at least eight hours of sunlight. 
  • Lemon trees have thorns that means its physiology is adapted for a little dry spell. 
  • Lemon trees need wind to get pollinated for fruit formation. 
  • Lemon trees can be grown outside in the garden directly in the soil or it can be grown in the bigger pots. 

Lemon tree care

Do not get too much excited and plant any variety of lemon trees in your home. I will suggest to select only high yielding dwarf variety of lemon tree if you are planning to grow in a pot. But if you have garden space with surface soil then you can select high yielding tall variety too. 

I have found that many garden hobbyists get frustrated when lemon trees grown from seeds do not yield fruits. Well have patience, lemon trees grown from seeds take time to fruit. Sometimes at least five years. 

So if you want quick results from your lemon tree then I will suggest you to get a grafted ones or grown by cutting or layering as it would yield fruit soon. 

Lemon tree loves humidity. Indoor space has around 10% humidity but lemon tree likes to be in at least 50% humid space, so whether you are keeping lemon tree inside the home, keep it near a window facing the southern side receiving at least 8 hours of daily sunlight. 

Have proper drainage holes in the pot or roots of your lemon tree is going to be affected by excess water in the pot. 

Lemon tree although it requires a good amount of water but you should take care of drainage to prevent root damage. Irrigate when the upper layer of soil seems dry in the pot. A prolonged dry spell causes salt accumulation near the roots in the soil and this causes curling that you might have faced while growing lemon tree. 

If you are using inorganic fertilizer then apply one tablespoon of NPK in the ratio of 18:18:18 gm per month. If you are using organic manures or vermicompost then apply a handful of compost once a month. 

You can also apply neem cake sometimes to maintain soil health and get rid of harmful pathogens in the soil. Well in my case I only applied used tea leaves as a fertilizer and it worked. 

This the most important point in the case of a lemon tree. Many garden hobbyists say that they saw flowers but it didn’t give fruits. Well, the solution is quite easy, naturally in open space with the help of wind or pollinators, flowers get pollinated and it forms fruit. 

But in case of growing lemon trees indoor, sometimes natural pollination doesn’t happen well. So in that case when you see flowers in the lemon tree, hand pollinate them or you can take the help of a soft brush to pollinate flowers.

Just like humans, lemon trees are also prone to sudden change in the environment, if you are keeping it indoors then do not put it in direct sunlight suddenly. 

Take care of lemon trees in harsh weather such as too cold or hot. In both cases, lemon trees get affected. In case your pot is exposed in direct sunlight in the terrace garden then provide some shade.

If you ever face any problem in growing lemon tree then leave your comment below and I will love to help you as soon as possible, If you have any valuable point then contact us, I will like to see it and add in my article.

Lemon Benefits for Skin

Are you having oily skin, apply lemon juice it will balance out and you will get a healthy glowing skin. 

Lemon extracts helps to smoothens dry chapped lips.

Lemon juice has antioxidant property, drinking lemonade in the morning slowly adds glow to your skin.

Dandruff hates lemon juice, if you are facing a dandruff problem then apply lemon juice on your scalp, rub it, wash with water after some time and see the results. 

Lemon prevents aging symptoms of the skin.

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