This ultimate guide on how to keep cats out of garden will help you to save your plants from cats. Moreover, you can easily follow these steps to keep cats out of garden.


Cats are such a cute animal that in many countries people love to have them in their home. It is said that having a cat helps in calming the surrounding and lowering the amount of anxiety. Pet lovers provide them food and love them as their family member. 

In many ways Cats are found useful in the garden for keeping rodents away but they can be destructive too. Cats have a habit of playing and digging in soil. If you have a cat or they keep visiting your garden then they can dig out the sown seeds or can damage your small baby plants.

We humans have learned to poop under closed doors at a suitable place but cats don’t do that activity under closed doors, they find garden a best place to release their tension. This waste material of cats can become home to many pathogens or pests that can harm your plants growing in the garden.  

Cats are carnivores and they have a tendency to eat hummingbirds and other birds that keeps visiting your garden, because of this habit, pollinators such as hummingbird can stop visiting your garden. 

Mainly because of these problems gardeners want to keep cats out of their garden to save their beautiful plant that they have grow with so much of love and care. Here are the ways that you can adopt to keep your cat away from the garden.

how to keep cats out of garden

How To Keep Cats Out Of Garden?

To save your plants from cat, you need to follow the following important points. They will help you to deal with cute cats that keep disturbing your plants.


Cats are sensitive to smell, they hates the smell of lavender, orange, rue, lemon, citronella, peppermint, lemongrass, rosemary, etc. You can spread the peels of lemon or oranges around your plants and your cat will stop visiting that particular place.   

how to keep cats away
Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

You can also directly use sprays of any one of these fragrant plants mixed with water in your garden area to keep them away. They can also be kept away by spraying vinegar, garlic or hot pepper mixed in water in the garden. This is one of the easy and simple method that you can adopt in your garden to save your young plants.       



Grow These Plants

Adopting this method is not only easy but also liked by garden enthusiast very much. If you are getting a chance to grow more plants to keep cats away from your garden area then what can be better than this beautiful method.  

As you already know that cats are quite sensitive to smell and doesn’t like certain types of smell so why not to grow those smell in your garden?

Peppermint, Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Cheer up and grow cat repelling plants. You can grow Russian sage, lemon, rosemary, lavender, rue, etc. around the plants that you want to protect.   You can also grow Crown of Thorns plant in your garden, this will help to protect your garden from both cats and squirrels.   


Use Sound Frequency

As cat is sensitive to smell, it is also sensitive to sound. There are various sound bell devices out in the market that produces sounds of a certain frequency that irritates cat and they leave that place.

bells to keep cats away from the garden
Image by Matthias Böckel from Pixabay

You can hang this one in your garden. If it is not available in your area then you can try motion sensitive bells, wind chimes, etc. The sound will irritate cats and they will remain out of your garden area.


 Watering can be quite beneficial in this condition. Cat loves to move on clean and dry surface and doesn’t want to get wet. You can either keep the soil surface a little wet to keep cats away from your plants. For this method you can use sprinkler system of watering plants. This will help to keep the surface a little wet for most of the time.  

sprinkler watering to keep cats away
Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay

And also your cat will not want to take a shower so frequently. Soon you will find that your cat has stopped visiting your garden after adopting this method.

Wash Their Scent

Cats have a habit to visiting the same spot daily. If they have liked and marked their favourite spot in the garden then the probability becomes high that they will visit the same spot daily. Keep checking and noticing the place where they are visiting daily.  

Take out your watering can and wash that spot with water to remove the scent of their body and urine so that they don’t recognise their favourite spot next time. If you will keep repeating this process again and again then they will loose interest interest in visiting that place.

Build A Home For Your Cat

If your cat is visiting your garden daily then provide it a much better home to live so that it looses interest in your garden. Build a house away from the garden and provide all the necessary thing required to engage your cat at that place.   

how to keep cats away from the garden
Image by Bairyna from Pixabay

Following these steps will help you to save your beautiful garden from cats, try these points and let me know how well it worked for you, if you have any queries then leave a comment below. I will try to respond as soon as possible.

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