My friend Tripti called me to ask about “How can she grow Parwal in her garden.” She told me that she tried growing from seeds but that does not give better results. Germination rate was quite poor as always.

This is the common problem that many garden enthusiast faces while growing this plant. It is quite different from other cucurbits like Bottle gourds or Pumpkins that grows very well from seeds. I will not recommend anyone to grow Pointed gourds from seeds.

When I told her about growing them from root suckers then she got quite curious about growing pointed gourds through root suckers. I replied to her that tomorrow I will send you an article on “How To Grow Parwal From Root.”

February to March is the best time to grow Pointed gourds from roots. In these months you can also grow various cucurbits like pumpkins, cucumber, bitter gourds, etc. from seeds. I have already discussed about growing techniques of these vegetable plants in my previous articles. 




You can also grow Parwal from cuttings but that I will discuss in another article. However, growing this plant in a pot will not give you maximum yield until cared very well.

Follow these points to grow your parwal from root sucker.

  • Purchase high-quality disease-resistant root sucker from the nearest plant nursery or online stores. Check the label to ensure that the sowing time of root sucker is from February to March.
  • Purchase both male and female plant roots in equal proportions to ensure fruit set through pollination in later growth stages.
  • Take 40% normal garden soil with 60% any organic compost and mix them thoroughly. If you have sandy loam soil then it is good. If not then add 10% river sand in the potting mix. You can also add cocopeat. 
  • Select a medium to large size container to grow this plant from root sucker with 3 to 4 drainage hole to facilitate proper drainage. Earthen or cemented pot will be quite good for this purpose. If you can directly plant it in the ground soil then it is quite good to get higher yield.
  • Pour potting mix in this container and leave at least a 2-inch space at the top of the container for watering purposes.
  • Dig a hole with the help of Khurpi or any other gardening tool to plant the root sucker. Place the pointed end facing downward in the soil medium. Plant a male and a female root sucker together at 2-inch space with each other in each pot and cover them with potting mix.
  • If you are growing them directly in the soil then dig a hole and apply a handful of vermicompost and plant a male and female root sucker together. Cover it completely with the soil.
  • Water gently in your pot. For better growth and protection, you can mix organic fungicides in water and apply them in an interval of 15 days. It will take nearly 30 days or more to sprout from the root sucker.
  • Keep applying water when the top layer of soil seems dry but do not overwater as it can harm your root sucker.

After 30 days you will notice new plants coming out from the root sucker. Try growing Pointed gourds by using this method. Once you have grown this plant it will give you fruits for at least 3 years but I will recommend you to grow directly in the ground soil for better results.

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