Pest infestation is one of the major problems in every planter’s life. You have cared well for your plants throughout its life cycle but what if you see your plants drying out suddenly or eaten leaves? 

Well, it is mostly because of pest infestation in your plants. These tiny creatures not only destroy your plant but in some cases, they also act as carriers of plant diseases. They can be commonly noticed in vegetable crops to flowering plants in your garden or farm. 

I can’t see pests like mealybugs, fruit flies, aphids, whiteflies, thrips, leafhoppers, leaf miners, beetles, etc. destroying my plants. I do not want my plants to die or to use hazardous chemicals on them to protect them after the pest attack either.

But all I want is to prevent any pest attack on my dear plants and to do that setting up trap is a wonderful idea. Most of the farmers already use this technique to protect their crops. There are various types of insect traps like light traps, sticky traps, pitfall traps, solar light traps, etc.

But in this article, I will discuss mainly two methods of pest traps that you can use in your garden with simple desi jugaad and by using electronic devices too. 

1. Sticky Trap

They are quite easy to make and use in your garden. You can also purchase them online but I prefer to make them at home because it is too easy. You can purchase yellow cardboard or any yellow-colored plastic paper and with the help of brush apply a layer of sticky oil on them, I apply neem oil.

You can either keep it on the soil around the base of your plant or you can tie them on the aerial shoots of your woody plants. Insects and pests will get attracted because of the color and sticky materials will trap them. Neem oil will also help to kill hazardous pests

It is monsoon so I have removed all the sticky traps from my garden because during rainfall it is not very effective.

2. Light Traps

These traps are wonderful to control the pest attack in your garden and there are two alternatives in this method. One is directly using the light traps that work on electricity and the other you can construct using desi jugaad.

To use the electrical light traps you should have a proper space for them in your garden with power supply and shade to protect from rain showers. They are easily available in online stores.

Nowadays solar-powered insect light traps are also available that is waterproof and attracts pest towards them. You can also try to add this in your wonderful garden. Light traps work in night so it won’t disturb natural pollinators.

The other one is by using a tin box that is partially opened from all four sides or any small earthen pot. Fill an inch layer at the bottom with oil. Light a diya or candle in the night and place it inside the pot or tin box. Light will attract insects and they will fall under this trap.

Try using these two traps and comment below the results.

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