Only 0.006% of the total water on earth is available for people’s everyday use or human consumption. On Earth, around 326 million cubic miles of water is present which covers 71% of the Earth’s surface. Out of which 320 million cubic miles of water, i.e. 97.2% of the total is present in oceans.

Only 2.8% of the total water on earth is freshwater, but not all is accessible to humans as 2.5% is present in glaciers, polar ice caps, soil pores, and the atmosphere. Out of this 0.5% only 0.006% of the total water is fit for human consumption. Hence, the importance of water is incomparable in our life.

0.3% of the freshwater is available in rivers and lakes. Around 0.62% of the total water can be found as groundwater out of which not all are accessible.

So, if you are looking for the answer to this question:

What percentage of water is fit for human consumption on the earth?
a. 0.006%
b. 0.06%
c. 0.6%
d. 6%

Correct answer is: a. 0.006%

I hope the answer to this question has made you realize the importance of available water in our lives. Therefore, stop wasting freshwater, and motivate others to do the same for conserving our environment.

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