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Purchase high quality, disease resistant spinach seeds for gardening purpose on Agriculture Review store.

We are here not only for selling seeds but we also aim to help our trusted customers to get higher germination rate. If you have already purchased seeds on Agriculture Review then follow the step by step guidelines carefully to get the maximum satisfaction from the product.

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How To Grow Spinach From Seeds?

Many buyers purchasing seeds from online stores often face problem with germination of seeds. There can be lot of factors determining the success rate. Generally seed quality, temperature, moisture, growing medium, correct procedure and a little blend of gardener’s love help in seed germination.

No one can guarantee 100% success rate with seed germination on this planet, but if you follow these steps correctly then you can have 70 to 90% germination rate. Moreover even after successful germination you need to take proper care of the seedlings for healthy growth and development of the spinach plant.

Sowing Time

You can sow spinach seeds during fallearly spring and even in winters. It can grow well in temperature range varying from 23 to 17 degrees Celsius.

Growing Medium

You can prepare the ideal potting mix with 60% normal garden soil + 40% any bulky organic manure. However, if your soil is too much clayey then you can add 30% river sand in this mixture.

बीज बोना

You can propagate spinach from high quality & disease resistant seeds. I prefer growing them by direct seeding method. Fill the pot with potting mix and leave 1 to 2 inch space at the top. Make sure to avoid blockage of drainage holes at the bottom.

Sow spinach seeds by broadcasting and cover with a thin layer of potting mix.


Keep this germination pot under partial shade sunlight.

Moisture & Time

Apply water gently and keep the pot under direct sunlight. Maintain adequate moisture in the pot but do not over water. After 4 to 7 days you will notice growth of new seedlings.

Thin out the weak seedlings for healthy growth of the plants. Keep healthy plants in the pot and let them grow.

To learn complete growing and caring guide for spinach visit- How To Grow Spinach Plant

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