स्पाइडर प्लांट (क्लोरोफाइटम कोमोसम) लाइव इंडोर प्लांट

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Spider plant for sale at reasonable price in the market!

Blooming Season: Spring, Summer & winter Season.

Plantation Season: Spring to end of summer season.

Plant Type: Houseplant.

Soil: Well drained sandy loam soil.

Sunlight: Bright Partial or Indirect Sunlight.

Watering: Only when top layer of soil is completely dry.

You will get two spider plant in one pot and after purchase your product will be delivered within one week!

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If you are looking for an easy to grow houseplant that spreads rapidly the purchasing spider plant is a great choice. Moreover you will be also surprised to know that spider plant blooms thrice in a year. You can also propagate spider plants very easily from offsets.

They can also be kept in hanging baskets and are perfect houseplants for beginners.

और पढ़ें: How To Grow & Care For Spider Plants

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