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This online hydroponics course will allow you to explore the limitless possibilities of hydroponics!

Learn step by step Online about:

  • Hydroponics system
  • Crop selection
  • Nutrients, Pests & Disease management
  • Farm Setup
  • Business opportunities.

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From this Hydroponics Course you will learn:

  1. Introduction To Hydroponics
  2. Equipment’s of Hydroponics
  3. फसल चयन
  4. Nutrient Management
  5. कीट प्रबंधन
  6. Farm Setup
  7. Business Opportunities
  8. Marketing

Growing crops in hydroponics system is considered highly profitable because of the fact that it breaks the land barrier. In a small piece of land a farmer can cultivate larger amount of crop than a traditional farm. It also helps farmer to get good control of pests and diseases management, hence hydroponics reduces the impact of hazardous external factors. That’s why learning hydroponics is essential for people who are interested in developing agriculture.

“Achieve the greatest volume and highest quality of produce possible, while reducing operating costs, and maximizing your profitability by growing smart.”

Tom Blount, Expert at US Hydroponic Association


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