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Fenugreek or Methi Seeds With High Germination Rate.

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NOTE: If you are new to germinating seeds, then you can get help from our experts by messaging us on our social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. We not only want to sell seeds to our valued customers but we want to see them germinating our seeds successfully. It brings happiness, peace & joy.

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Fenugreek, known as “Methi” in Hindi is an annual fragrant herb that is known for its flavour, culinary and medicinal uses in many parts of the world, especially in India. Consuming fenugreek slows sugar absorption in the stomach and stimulates insulin. It also helps to improve levels of testosterone and estrogen, helping to improve interest in romantic activities. Fenugreek or Methi is native to Iran and North of India.

Just like spinach, you can grow Methi in your garden by purchasing methi seeds from our online store. We offer high-quality, treated seeds with higher germination percentages to aid you in gardening. Agriculture Review is a trusted organization serving over 6 Million people worldwide.

After buying methi seeds from our online store, do not forget to check the germination manual given below and on the seed packet carefully for the successful germination of seeds.

How To Sow Methi Seeds?

Thanks for purchasing methi seeds from our online shop. Agriculture Review wishes you all the best for gardening! Kindly follow the instructions given on our website to germinate seeds.

Many buyers purchasing seeds from online stores often face problem with germination of seeds. There can be lot of factors determining the success rate. Generally seed quality, temperature, moisture, growing medium, correct procedure and a little blend of gardener’s love help in seed germination.

No one can guarantee 100% success rate with seed germination on this planet, but if you follow these steps correctly then you can have 70 to 90% germination rate. Moreover even after successful germination you need to take proper care of the seedlings for healthy growth and development of the methi plant.

मिट्टी का मिश्रण: Prepare potting mix by mixing 40% cocopeat + 40% cow dung compost + 20% river sand. Fill the pot with this prepared potting mix, make sure to have drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. 

Sowing: Broadcast seeds and cover them with a thin layer of potting mix. Apply water gently after sowing and keep the pot in indirect sunlight.

Note: Do not let the soil dry out completely; keep the growing medium a little moist. Within 7 to 14 days, seeds will germinate.

Sowing Time: September to November (Plains)

April-May (Hills).

After purchasing methi seeds, do not forget to check out this care guide.

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