कैक्टि, सुककुलेन्ट, गुलाब और एडेनियम पौधों के लिए जैविक धुला हुआ सिंडर

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Buy the best quality five times washed and filtered cinder for succulents, cacti, roses and adenium plants online at our store. Cinder is considered an amazing planting material that provides adequate aeration and drainage to the roots of plants. By purchasing this product you will get 900 grams of cinder delivered within a week to your doorstep.

  • Nourish Your Plants: Our Organic Washed Cinder is specially formulated for cacti, succulents, roses, and adenium plants. It will help to promote aeration and drainage in pots.
  • Premium Quality: Each 900-gram pack contains fine-grade washed cinder that can be used directly along with sand or other materials to plant adenium, roses, succulents or cacti.
  • Optimum Growth: Due to healthy root growth in cinder, plants have enhanced growth and flowering for a longer time.
  • Easy To Use: Cinder is a lightweight planting material that can be used easily for planting a wide range of plants.

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Images are for reference purposes only, we take responsibility for delivering quality product. You will get 900 grams packet of Organic Washed Cinder & after purchase your product will be delivered within a week!

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यह आइटम: कैक्टि, सुककुलेन्ट, गुलाब और एडेनियम पौधों के लिए जैविक धुला हुआ सिंडर

10 in stock

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Original price was: ₹299.00.Current price is: ₹209.00.
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When we grow Adenium Cactus Succulent or Rose plants, it becomes a big problem due to the accumulation of water in the pots. When we bring these plants to our garden, we have great hope that these plants will stay in our house for a long time. But every plant has different needs which are very important to understand. Succulents, Cactus, Adenium, and Rose all these plants do not require much water near their roots. Well-drained potting mix is sufficient for their overall development.

And to fulfill these needs, Cinder is a very suitable option, it can be used along with river sand, rice husk, compost, or other materials to prepare well-draining potting mix for plants. One can even plant roses directly in cinder, however, expert care is required.

You can get the best quality cinder for cacti, succulents, roses and adenium plants from Agriculture Review’s online store at the best price in the market. Use our cinder to prepare potting mix for Cacti, Succulents, Roses and adenium. To get intense flowering in roses and grow adenium mix 50% of cinder + 50% river sand for planting roses. By ordering this product you will get 900 grams of cinder that will be delivered within a week to your doorstep.

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