I received many queries on how to grow rose from cuttings on agriculture review’s Facebook page. In this article I will guide you about growing rose plant from cutting. Rose is a perennial flowering shrub that belongs to रोज़ेसी family.


Rose plant can be grown in nearly all parts of the world except Antarctica. Most of the variety of rose originated in Asia but few varieties are also found in Europe, North America, and North western Africa.

Rose plants can be compact, climbers that can grow to 7 metres in height, and are also found as a very small variety to be known as miniature rose. Not all roses grows and flowers in the same season. 

That’s why sometimes when you bring a new rose plant from the plant nursery, it dies in the next season after flowering because of inappropriate climate and mistakes done in caring of the particular variety of rose.

Before purchasing always ask or identify the variety of rose that you are going to purchase, this will help you to determine the appropriate care tips for that variety of rose from the internet.

If you do not find the growing and caring technique of that particular variety of rose then you can send queries to me either by commenting below or you can contact agriculture review on my Facebook and Instagram page.

Mainly varieties that are grown in home garden are garden roses developed from breeding both naturally and artificially. Garden roses are Alba, Gallica, Damask, Centifolia, Moss, Portland, China, Tea, Bourbon, Noisette, Hybrid perpetual, Hybrid musk, Hybrid tea, Floribunda, etc.

Well any variety you grow, there is always a beautiful desire in the mind of gardeners to propagate their rose plants. If you are also excited about propagating your plant then get ready because in this article I will guide you on how to grow rose from cuttings.

how to grow rose from cuttings

How To Grow Rose From Cuttings?

The best time to grow rose from cuttings is spring season. In India Mid January to मार्च is the best time to propagate rose plant. Indian rose variety will grow successfully by propagating through cutting. You can also grow rose from cuttings in winter season but the chance of success reduces.

In summer it becomes very difficult to grow rose from cuttings i.e. why avoid propagating your rose plant in summer season. 

Selection Of Branch

If rose has grown bushy and healthy in your home garden, locality or nursery then you can take cuttings from the rose plant. From the experience and work study of various plant growers that have worked on rose it have been found that cutting should not be taken from bottom or middle portion of the rose plant.

It should also not be from the very top regions where the stem is still weak and very young. For a successful cutting you can select a branch that is not very green but little hard and woody.

आपको इन्हें पढ़ना भी अच्छा लगेगा:




You can select a stem that has buds but I will suggest you to select the stem that has flowered recently. Take cutting of at least 6 inch length from the selected stem with the help of a garden scissor at 45 degree angle just below the lower leaf nodes.

After taking out the cuttings with the help of the gardening scissor remove the leaves from the bottom and middle region of the cuttings. You should leave 4 to 5 leaves at the top portion of the cutting.

The bottom portion is with 45 degree angle cut, this portion will go inside the soil later on and the top portion with few leaves will remain outside. 

Using Rooting Hormone

You can select and purchase rooting hormone powder from the market. These rooting hormones will help to grow roots in the plant successfully. Dip the bottom region of the cutting in rooting hormone for 2 to 3 seconds and take it out, gently shake your cuttings to remove excess rooting hormones.

If you don’t have rooting hormone then also cuttings can grow roots, rooting hormone just increases the chance of success. You can also select various organic rooting hormones for this purpose.

Pot, Soil, And Planting

You can select small sized pots with at least 3 to 4 drainage holes at the bottom, you can also grow cuttings directly in the ground soil, but in case of heavy rain the chance of failure can increase.

So I will suggest you to select any small pot with good drainage facility. Add normal garden soil in the pot, do not add any fertilizer in the pot, if the soil in your region is too much clayey then you can add 5 to 10% sand.

Water your pot thoroughly before placing cuttings in the pot. Now with the help of a pencil or your fingers make holes of 2 inches deep and place the bottom end of cuttings in the soil and press around the base of the cuttings to fix it properly.

rose flower, rose bloom, rose plant
Rose Bloom, Image by Pexels from पिक्साबे

Moisture & Rooting

If possible then cover your pot with transparent polythene sheet or a plastic or glass jar. Place the complete setup in an area where it can receive lots of indirect sunlight. Do not place the setup in direct sunlight if the temperature is too high. That’s why placing the setup in indirect sunlight is considered better.

You not need to add water in the pot daily but keep checking the dryness of the top layer of the soil in the pot. If the top layer of the soil seems dry then only add water gently. Do not ever apply excess of water in your pot as it can damage your cuttings.


After near about 30 to 50 days, you will notice new leaves developing from your cuttings. When the newly grown leaves seems well developed then they are ready to be transplanted in the main growing pot.

लेखक का नोट

I hope you loved reading my article on how to grow rose from cuttings. If you any queries regarding this article then you can comment below. If you want to grow your rose plant and is still confused then you can send your query on my Facebook page एग्रीकल्चर रिव्यू.

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