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Technology can’t be kept far away longer from agriculture. Modern use of farm equipment and implements has helped to lower down the burden of farmers. I firmly believe that the use of new innovative technology along with the old beneficial practice of cropping systems and fertilizers together can help us to increase crop production at a low cost. DJI – Agras T16 Drone is a highly efficient, reliable, and intelligent tool to be used in agriculture farms.

Let’s now discuss about agriculture drone “DJI Drone”

It is a high tech agriculture spray drone that can be used to spray insecticides or pesticides in the agriculture farms. 

Farmer can easily use this DJI Drone to spray pesticides on their farm. This drone is known for its high-efficiency performance and easy use.

Farmer using DJI Drone in his farm to spray pesticides

Don’t you want to decrease your labor cost and increase the efficiency of pesticide application in your farm?  

We know in many rural places especially in developing countries like India farmer pays a good amount to labors working in the farm. But most of the time either the laborers are not well skilled or they do not apply pesticides efficiently in your farm.

The result is such that the farmer not only loses its valuable money and time in inspecting in the field but also they do not get appropriate yield due to weeds and pest infestations in the field.

I live in Dehradun, around my house there are acres of farmland of farmers, they have sown good quality seeds and it germinated well but later on, I observed a decrease in crop production in their field.

I saw lots of weeds infestation, diseases especially in the wheat field. Wheat crop was drastically infested with Puccinia. When I tried to know the precautions and steps that the farmer took on their farm.

They said to me that they either hire a labor or spray on their own. Few of the farmers were even ignoring the pests and weeds in their farm and those who were trying to control it were not using appropriate technology and that resulted in heavy crop losses. 

I suggested them using DJI Drone or any other affordable agriculture drone. It is not to my personal interest but it is for farmers who want to increase their crop productivity by minimizing pest and weed infestation in their field efficiently.

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with agriculture drones, I am your friend एग्रीकल्चर रिव्यू and I am going to help you in selecting beneficial farm equipment at low cost and high efficiency.

Agriculture drones are nothing alien technology but a human-controlled small flying machine that can help you in spraying your pesticides in your crop field efficiently. 

Why should farmers use Agriculture Drones?

To understand the answer to this question you have to start thinking about a long term plan and strategy. Initially, labor cost in a small to large agricultural farm cost much lower than the agricultural drones. 

But if you have a large farm and you are planning for managing your field in a controlled way then I will suggest you to add Agriculture Drone in your farm equipments.

If you own a small farmland with less profit then I will not suggest you to use this equipment. DJI – Agras T16 drone cost about $15,000. In India it costs nearly about 15 lakhs rupees.

Don’t worry if you are not willing to pay much higher amounts, you can start with other low-cost Agriculture drones.

In online market agriculture drones are available in the cost range of 2 lakh Indian rupees to 15 lakh Indian rupees.

By reading my complete article you will be able to understand specific features of “DJI drone” or other Agriculture Drone and How to use an “Agriculture drone.”

DJI Drone has launched three agriculture drones:

1. MG-1S

2. MG-1P

3. AGRAS T16

These three drones have different specifications and pricing.

Let’s start with the MG-1S Agriculture drone.

This drone has dual sensors, the role of the sensor is in controlling drone flight and stability. If one sensor faces any problem then the other sensor takes up the responsibility. It has a dual compass system that gives directional control advantage in using this drone.

The MG-1S Agriculture Drone has microwave radars that can detect any change in the terrain and can manage its altitude. It can detect both forward and backward obstacles in its path.

It has an A3 Flight controller system which gives you a cutting edge advantage over its flight control and stability even in higher terrains. Its sprayer has flow radars which allows you to spray efficiently.

There are three spraying modes in this drone. You can spray forward, backward, and all sides. It gives an advantage to you to control speed, amount, and spraying rate of pesticides.

It has a professional controller. The controller display screen is of 5.5 inch/1080p with a battery backup of 5 hours. It has a bright screen display that makes it compatible to be used in daylight.

It has Battery with a capacity of 12000 mAh. It can fly for about 22 minutes without any load. Farmers from Japan have reported that with the help of this drone you can spray 65 to 80 acres of land in a single day. 

It has dual delivery pumps. You will have a charging hub along with this drone that can connect to six batteries at a time so that you will not face problems in changing batteries simultaneously while operating an agricultural drone in your field.

MG 1S Drone is quite easy to use, fill the spray tank with the pesticide solution in the desired amount, set the spray volume, speed, flow rate, and direction. With the drone controller set the direction mode and walk along with it in your field to fix the area where you want your pesticides to be sprayed.

It has a liquid tank capacity of 10 liters. It can easily operate in the areas where the temperature ranges from -10 degrees Celcius to 40-degrees Celcius.

The cost of this drone is Rupees 8,40,000 in India. But for the long term use and its high efficiency, I will suggest you to use agriculture drone.

A young farmer using DJI Drone in his farm

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