how to sanitize fruits and vegetables

Coronavirus is causing a lot of trouble all over the world. The total number of cases is increasing day by day. In India, America, Brazil, Italy, Russia, etc. this virus is hitting the worse. The main problem is that we can’t recognize the carrier of this coronavirus till its symptoms start appearing.

We all want to protect ourselves and family from this high spreading deadly virus. We are trying to protect us by maintaining social distance, wearing face masks, and using hand sanitizer.

No proper guidelines other than preventive measured have been laid out by any health agencies. All we can do is to try to prevent ourselves from this virus.

Today I am going to discuss ways to sanitize your fruits and vegetables to protect the spread of coronavirus in your family. 

Before letting someone inside your safe home with infected vegetables or fruits from the market bring a bucket of hot water but not boiling water mixed with five tablespoons of NaCl (Salt).

Sanitize their hands first by using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Put the vegetables and fruits in the bucket for at least 10 minutes and then take them out and keep in a separate container.

Leave the carry bags outside for at least one day or in direct sunlight.

Keep your kitchen clean, wash your kitchen top and utensils with soap or detergents. Wash your vegetables or fruits with one part vinegar and 5 part water before using them.

sanitize fruits and vegetables

Remove the skin of fruits and vegetables like potato, orange, yam, cucurbits, etc. before using them for any purpose.

Caution: Do not use ethanol to wash your fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables do not come directly from the city market. It completes a long journey from farmland to city markets. In this long journey, it comes in contact with so many people so the chance of spread is quite high. So why not reduce the chance of spread by taking precautions. Prevent contamination and save life.

Many people have even started growing their own vegetables in lockdown to eat fresh and healthy vegetables grown at home. If you are also interested in growing your own vegetables and fruits at home then read my articles.

I provide all the necessary details to grow plants at home.



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