bihar thunderstorms

Thunderstorms in Bihar hit hard this year, especially in June. However, in cities like Patna or Muzaffarpur, the striking incidence are less but the rural areas are hit hard. Mostly farmers and workers working in the open field are more exposed to the chance of getting caught in a thunderstorm.

Almost 83 people died in the thunder strikes in Bihar and many got injured. Thunderstorms in Bihar hits every year. This year it affected 23 districts in which Gopalganj was hurt most with 13 casualties. 

Bihar thunderstorms is a havoc for people living in rural areas. Farmers generally stay out in their open fields and sometimes get caught in this storm. It not only causes casualties but also loss of livelihood for the family.

Take care of these points to protect yourself from Bihar Thunderstorm

  • Whenever you observe lightning in the sky do not panic. You should not hide under the tree or stand near any metallic structure especially iron structures.

  • If there is nothing to hide or provide you shelter nearby then simply sit on the open ground by closing your ears with your hand away from trees or any metallic structure.

  • If possible get inside the shelter or home and do not stand near the windows and stay away from any metal or electric appliances. It is recommended that you must stay inside your home for at least 30 minutes after last strike.

  • If you are in water bodies like a lake or river then get out as soon as possible. 

  • Do not move in the group during lighting if you are in open areas always maintain distance with each other of at least 50 feet. 

  • Always look for weather forecasting, if lighting chances have been announced then avoid going out during that time.

Please follow these instructions to stay protected during Bihar Thunderstorms.

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