Autograph tree Clusia rosea Clusia rosea propagation Clusia fertilizer How often to water autograph tree
Autograph Tree

Clusia rosea(The autograph tree)

Clusia rosea, The Autograph tree, cupey, Balsam Apple, Pitch Apple is a Tropical and Sub-Tropical plant species in the Genus Clusia. Clusia rosea is a tree found in the Caribbean, including the Bahaman, Cuba, Puer to Rico, and Florida.

This plant is cultivated as an ornamental plant for its flowers, foliage and fruits. It is planted in the garden as a fruiting and ornamental in Sub- Tropical Climates and used as a house plant in many climates. It belongs to the Clusiaceae family.

This is a type of plant that does not need any complicated maintenance it is a very attractive and pest free plant. This is a fast-growing plant that is quite easy to propagate especially in containers.

 Let’s now discuss Indoor Autograph Tree Care

You can grow and maintain this plant very easily in your home garden by following our instructions.

Clusia rosea Propagation

1. Purchase seedlings from the nearest nursery or online.

2. You may propagate by seeds or by cutting.

3. Best is to propagate it from cutting.

4. If you want to propagate by cutting, simply cut the stem with shoots tip 5-7 inches long just below the node.

5. Take cutting in the spring season using a clean sharp knife.

6. Wash cutting shoots with dilute broad-spectrum fungicide.

7. Use rooting hormone (IBA) to induce roots in cutting end.

8. Use potting mix like 45% coco peat + 45 % soil + 5% sand +5% compost.

9. Now cutting end is dipped in rooting powder and transplant in the potting medium by making a hole in the center pot.

10. Press the potting mix by hand to firm the cutting ends in potting medium and water t gently.

11. Now pots are taken under the semi-shade area till roots well develop.

12. Rooting will generally occur in 3-4 weeks.

13. When the roots are 1-2 inches long or longer the cutting is ready to be repotted.

Planting and growing season
14. You can plant and propagate clusia rosea during the spring season.

Selection of pots and growing bags
15. If you want to grow in a container, choose a container as per the size of seedling.

16. To propagate by cutting use 4-6 inches diameter garden container for developing new seedlings.

17. You may grow it in a growing bag.

18. Growing containers should have a good draining system with 2-3 holes.

Preparation of potting mix
19. Make a potting mix with 50% loamy soil + 15% organic compose + 20% coco peat + 5% sand.
20. This potting mix can be used for growing your seedlings.

Sunlight requirement.
21. Clusia rosea like lots of bright light and thrive outdoors in full sun in Tropical climates. Place your container where it can receive at least 4- 5 hours of direct sunlight.

22. It may grow indoors as house plants; they will cope with medium light levels and some degree of shade.

Autograph tree Clusia rosea Clusia rosea propagation Clusia fertilizer How often to water autograph tree
Autograph Tree

This picture has been shared by Mr. Sital Sarkar from his home garden in West Bengal, India.

How Often to Water Autograph Tree

23. Clusia rosea requires a good amount of water to thrive.

24. Keep the soil moist constantly.

25. Plants need more water during flowering till the fruiting period.

26. In peak summer seasons water the plants twice in a day.

27. However plants can resist periods of drought.

28. Keep in mind that water logging in container may infect your roots.

Clusia Fertilizer
29. To established your young plants use nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

30. Use bone dust one teaspoon every three months.

31. During spring change 2-3 inches topsoil and fill it with fresh potting mix.

Repotting of plant
32. This is a fast-growing plant. It is best to report once every two years in a large pot.

33. The best period of repotting in spring.

Pest management
34. The clusia is not susceptible to diseases.

35. To maintain it is advisable to remove old and dead leaves.

36. Clean leaves with cotton cloth regular intervals if possible.

37. Clusia suffers from discoloring leaves if there is too much water. Give less water during this time.

38. During extreme summer place it under shade.

39. If a plant is moved or there is a change of light or temperature, the clusia leaf may lose or it may discolor, don’t worry when the plant is used to its new location, it will simply recover.

Importance of clusia rosea

40. It is an excellent ornamental container plant and suitable for the home garden.

41. The leaves are used to playing cards in West Indies.

42. Some people sign their autographs on the leaves and watch them grow.

43. Clusia is used in traditional medicine in tropical America. The bitter gum is documented due to its drastic, sometimes dangerous, purgative properties.

44. It is used in ointments to treat sores and wounds.

45. Decoctions of bark and fruit rind are applied to soothe rheumatic pains.

46. The dried and powdered gum is widely traded and used as a resolutive plaster to treat fractures, dislocations, and burns.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on “Autograph Tree HOW TO GROW.” We discussed several topics in our article such as “Clusia rosea Propagation” and its care.
Mr. Sital Sarkar has shared this information based on his growing experience in his home garden.

Start growing in your home garden and tell us your results.

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