From this article get to know agricultural tools pictures with names and uses. Use of these agriculture tools make most of the activities easy. Imagine a world where farmer has to dig the soil only with hands, it would not only take lot of time but will be really tiring for the farmer. In these situations agricultural tools like hoe or spade comes in handy.

Agricultural tools pictures with names and Uses


Here is the list of useful tools of agriculture with picture and uses.

Serial NumberAgricultural Tools NamesUses
1.Hand CultivatorA hand cultivator is a small tool that can be used for digging, breaking up the soil from the depth and removing weeds.
2.Garden ShearGarden Shear is used to cut branches and other plant parts for training and pruning.
3.RakeRake is used for scooping, scraping, gathering and leveling soil or mulch.
4.WheelbarrowThe wheelbarrow is used to transport fertilizer bags, piles of dirt or other load on the farm.
5.HoeHoe is used for loosening the soil and removing weeds in the field.
6.TrowelTrowel can be used for breaking soil clods, planting, weeding, or mixing fertilizers.
7.Pruning ShearPruning shears can be used for cutting small branches, thinning, harvesting, etc.
8.SickleSickle is used for cutting grasses and harvesting of cereals or vegetables.
9.PickaxeA pickaxe is used for breaking, prying, hoeing, skimming and chopping through roots.
10.ShovelThe shovel is used for digging the soil and carrying it from one place to another.
11.AxeAn axe is used for clearing bushes and cutting trees for timber.
12.Garden ForkGarden fork is used for loosening, lifting and turning over soil.
13.HoseHose is used for watering field crops and livestock.
14.SprayerSprayer is used to apply water-soluble fertilizers and pesticides on the field.
15.GlovesGloves are used to protect farmer’s hands from abrasions, slips, cuts, and exposure to chemicals.
16.PlowPlow is used for turning and loosening the soil.
17.DibbleDibble is used for making holes in the soil for sowing seeds.
18.ScytheScythe is used for cutting grasses and harvesting cereal crops.
19.SprinklerSprinkler is used for irrigating crops efficiently.
20.MattockMattock is used for breaking soil clods and digging hard pans.
21.ChainsawChansaw can be used for cutting trees for clearing land.

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