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If you have come here then I must say you that you are on the right platform to learn how to plant strawberry plants. Most of our readers are already garden hobbyist but Agriculture Review’s aim is to inspire all those people who are ignoring gardening in their homes

Now question does arrive why should Agriculture Review care if anyone grows anything in their home or not. Agriculture Review has the answer to this question. Many reasons inspired Agriculture Review to promote gardening and agriculture. 
  • First and the most important point, earlier when there were no well established urban areas, all around was a natural garden, trees, shrubs, herbs, birds, and animals. We took their place completely. In a sense we actually destroyed them. 

  • But at the beginning of damaging the natural environment of urban areas, we didn’t realize its consequences or hazardous effects, we just went on cutting trees and small plants and established buildings and factories releasing harmful chemicals in the environment. Later on after harming nature so much we came up with Air conditioners, Refrigerators, polluting vehicles etc. 

  • There is a long list. Population also increased exponentially adding fuel to this destruction but even after consequences such as global warming, ozone layer depletion most of the humans are not realizing the seriousness of this problem.

  • Second, What’s the solution? Should we remove all the buildings? should we stop using polluting machinery? Are humans capable of taking such large steps? 

  • The answer is a big NO!

  • We can’t take such big steps, there is a lot of things hidden behind this fact that we will discuss later on, but our question is can’t we even take smaller steps like trying gardening in our home garden? Can’t we even plant a small indoor plant in our home garden? Can’t we even spend rupees 500 on home gardening? Can’t we even give one hour in our home garden?

  • If your answer is NO, then ARE YOU SO INCAPABLE?

  • If your answer is YES, then welcome let’s contribute small steps to heal this nature itself, we have to only plant and take care of plants. Rest leave it on nature.

  • Nowadays in lockdown, you must have witnessed the nature taking care itself just because of limiting human activities so don’t you think that small steps by everyone can make a big difference.

  • So let’s start learning and growing plants in our home garden. Let’s take a small step together. SHARE THIS ARTICLE WITH EVERYONE TO INSPIRE THEM INTO HOME GARDENING.

  • Gardening is style, gardening is passion, gardening is the trend, gardening is like becoming  “DOCTOR OF THE NATURE”. 

strawberry plant
Strawberry plant

In this article we are going to discuss about the strawberry plants, its care, and importance.

Most of the people love strawberries just not because of its taste but also because of its benefits and appearance. 100gm of strawberry gives 33 calories. Strawberry fruit contains proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, dietary fibres, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, etc.

Strawberry scientific name is Fragaria ananassaStrawberry tastes generally sweet to sour in taste. Strawberry fruits have a pleasing odour. 

Although strawberry plants grow well in a temperate climate but you can easily grow strawberry plants in subtropical areas during winters. Some Garden hobbyists used to believe that strawberry could only be grown in hilly areas but its a myth. 

Strawberry plant is now successfully grown in subtropical areas too, however, yield differs in subtropical belts than the natural growing belt of strawberry. So what, you are not growing tons of strawberry, we have to grow only a few or as large quantity we want.

Farmers are also growing strawberry plants in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh successfully in their fields during winters. I live in Dehradun and I saw strawberry fields having lots of strawberry fruits in them just a few meters away from my flat.

Strawberry plants could be grown on land as well as pots.
I have grown strawberry in a small pot but I would prefer to choose medium to large size pots to get better yield.

I was just experimenting with my strawberry plant so I only applied used tea leaves as an organic fertilizer and it did well but I will discuss as much as I know about how to plant strawberry plants. Read the complete article for better understanding.

strawberry in pot
Strawberry in pot


  • You have got three options, either you can purchase strawberry seeds directly from the market or you can purchase small strawberry plants. Both are cheap and small plants usually costs between rupees 10 to 40 depending upon size. Large well developed mature plants are also available but they cost in the range of rupees 80 to 150. 

  • I would prefer to either grow it from runners or purchase small strawberry plants directly from the nearest plant nursery. If you have already grown strawberry then you can propagate it through runners. Strawberry plants spread well in soil.

  • If you are growing from seeds then start preparing potting mix by mixing 60% cocopeat and 40% organic compost. You can use a seedling tray or any container fit for supporting seed germination. 

  • Pour the mixture into the container and make a hole one to two centimetres in between with the help of your finger and place two seeds in each hole. Cover them with potting mix slightly and water gently over them but do not overwater, just moist the surface completely. Keep this apparatus in direct sunlight and take care of moisture in the soil daily till the seed germinates. It will take almost 15 to 20 days to germinate.
buds in strawberry plant
Buds in strawberry plant
  • When they reach 5 to 6 leaf stage then they become ready for transplantation. Transplant them in bigger pots having proper drainage holes to remove excess water from the pot.

  • Using a potting mix of 50 % garden soil, 40% organic compost, and 10% sand in the new pot. Keep at least 5 to 6-inch distance between each plant if you are taking a bigger pot. In small pots plant only one to two strawberry plants.

  • After transplanting water the pot. Water the soil when the upper layer of soil seems dry in the pot. Daily check the soil surface. While watering do not wet the leaves or fruits of the strawberry plant as it may cause fruit rot.

  • For better care and maintenance apply mulch in the pots to retain moisture in the soil. You can keep the pot outside during winters but in summer keep the pot in the shade.

  • Apply a handful of organic fertilizers once a month for better growth of strawberry plants.

  • Keep a check on diseases in your strawberry plant. Treat the diseases according to their symptoms. Generally due to excessive moisture strawberry plants become prone to diseases.

  • Strawberry plants will take at least three to four months to start fruiting. Till then take care of fertilizers and water needs of the plants.

  • Green strawberry fruits will take two weeks to mature fruits after that keep harvesting as per your need and enjoy tasty strawberry fruits in your garden.

Strawberry plant in basket

  • I hope you must have been elated from our article. Do not forget to share our article. Do comment below for advice and suggestions. If you have not read our previous articles on various plants, agriculture innovation, etc. then go and check all our amazing post on home gardening and agriculture.

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