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Why Weeding In Agriculture Is Important

by aditya abhishek


After reading the word "weeds" you thought about the one in this picture, well I am not discussing them but we will discuss agricultural weeds.  

Agricultural Weeds

Agricultural weeds are unwanted plants that grow along with the main crop, compete for nutrients, water, sunlight, etc. and affect the growth of crops. 

Crop Loss

If agricultural weeds are not removed from the field, then it is estimated that they can result in 33 percent of crop loss. 


Weeding is an inter-culture operation that can be done by physical, mechanical, biological, cultural, and chemical methods.

Physical Methods

The physical weeding methods are hand weeding, hand hoeing, digging, cutting, burning, mulching, Dredging and Chaining. 

Mechanical Methods

The mechanical weeding methods are tillage, sickling, mowing, etc. You can use dry land weeders, power rotary weeders, etc. to control weeds. 

Cultural Methods

The cultural weeding methods are crop rotation, maintaining optimum plant population, intercropping, solarisation, etc. 

Chemical Methods

To control weeds chemically, chemicals known as herbicides can be used and applied on the soil or foliage to control weeds. 

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