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Which Planet Is Named After The Roman God Of Agriculture

by aditya abhishek


The planet that is named after the Roman God of Agriculture is Saturn. In Roman mythology, Saturn was the God of Agriculture, also known as the God of Wealth and Fertility.


He was responsible for the sowing & harvesting of crops, and his festival, Saturnalia, was celebrated in December with feasting and gift-giving.

Planet Name

The planet was named after this god due to its slow-moving nature, which was thought to symbolize the god's wise and patient nature.

Romans & Agriculture

The Romans believed that agriculture was a gift from the gods, & they served several deities associated with agriculture & the harvest.

However, the most important agricultural deity in Roman mythology is Ceres, the goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility, and motherly love.

There are other deities also  associated with agriculture and the harvest in Roman mythology. Ops is the goddess of abundance, and Pomona the goddess of fruit trees and orchards.

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