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When World Environment Day Is Celebrated

by aditya abhishek


Every year people celebrate the World Environment Day on 5th June to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote global action to protect the planet.

If you stand on a road or any public place or even notice change in global temperature, you can realise the importance of conserving our beautiful environment. 

The average global temperature of the Earth has risen by about 1 degree Celsius since 1880. This may seem a small change but it has affected us on a very large scale. 

Due to changes in global temperature & increasing Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, the agriculture sector has been hit hard. Severe & frequent occuence of drought results in food crisis. 

The amount, timing, & intensity of precipitation is changing. Around 60% farming in the world is dependent on rains. Hence, any changes in amount or timing directly affects the crop production. 

Due to increase in Carbon dioxide emissions average ocean's pH is becoming acidic. It poses a great threat to marine ecosystem & can cause mass extinction of marine life.

If these factors don't wake you up from the sleep of ignorance, then you will be surprised to know that around 3.3 Billion people are vulnerable due to our mistakes. May be we are next.

If you love your environment then start conserving water, stop throwing plastic anywhere, use energy-efficient appliances, plant trees, and support the cause

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