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When Is World Agriculture Day

by aditya abhishek

Agriculture Day

Every year to celebrate foundation day of Food & Agriculture Day, World Food Day also known as World Agriculture Day is celebrated on 16th October. 


It is celebrated to raise awareness and take action against global hunger and food insecurity & draw attention to the importance of food security, agricultural development, etc. 

11th June

On June 11th, AGyours Group based in Canada launched its own World Agriculture Day with the slogan "Agriculture Belongs To You."


This new initiative aims to celebrate & highlight the significance of agriculture in the world, hard work of farmers that help in providing food to our plates. 

As the global population is increasing rapidly, so it is important to to raise awareness about the role of agriculture in food production, rural development & sustainable practices.

Moreover, use of excessive chemicals led to decreased soil fertility & increased erosion. Therefore, we need to shift towards a sustainable way of agriculture. 

Migrating rural populations to cities & degrading soil quality led to the development of technologies such as hydroponics in which food can be produced in larger quantities on the same piece of land.

Therefore on world agriculture day, we must take pledge to reduce food waste, increase our awareness about agriculture & respect farmers for their hard work. 

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