To Plant in October

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October is the best time when you can start sowing seeds of radish, within 30 to 45 days you can harvest them.


Use mixture of 30% soil + 30% sand + 40% organic manure to sow seeds at 1 centimetres depth.


In mixture of 50% garden soil + 30%  compost + 20% river sand, sow seeds at 2 inches distance.


Sow seeds in line and maintain 7 centimetres distance between each seeds, use sandy loam soil. 


It is a healthy leafy vegetable, and you can start sowing seeds by using 50% normal garden soil + 50% compost.


You can start sowing of kale seeds in loose, well drained soil at 0.5 centimetres depth


Garden peas seeds could be sown at 1 inches depth and 2 inches apart in well drained loamy soil.


They are found in shades of  blue, white, and pink. Before blooming they look like hot air balloons. 

Balloon Flower

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