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What Percentage Of Young Farmers Are Farming Sustainably

by aditya abhishek

Sustainable Farming

People have realized the importance of conserving soil and practicing sustainable agriculture. It helps us to maintain a healthy ecosystem and produce food for our needs. 

Due to the use of chemicals, excessive tillage, etc., soil health has deteriorated in many parts of the world due to which ensuring a healthy food production system has become a global challenge.


Sustainable agriculture aims to minimize the use of synthetic inputs like pesticides & fertilizers, maintain healthy soil, and promote crop diversity. 


You will be surprised to know that after understanding the importance and need of sustainable agriculture, many farmers have started following sustainable agriculture practices. 

Youth Percentage

If you need to see the future, then you need to see what your young generation is doing. And you will be happy to know that around 70-76% of the youth follow sustainable farming. 


By seeing the percentage of youth participation in sustainable agriculture it seems that we will be able to improve our soil health and conserve our ecosystem.


However, the rapidly increasing population poses a direct threat to food security. Hence, it will be exciting to see whether sustainable agriculture can fulfill the global demand or not.

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