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What Is Transplanting & How To Do It Correctly

by aditya abhishek

What Is Transplanting

It refers to the process of moving a plant from one location, such as a seedling tray or pot to another.  However, it is not always required to transplant plants.

The Process

You should uproot the plant carefully, preserv]e its root system, & place it to a new location with appropriate soil and growing conditions.

When To Transplant

You need to transplant when the plant has outgrown its current space or when it's time to move it into a more suitable growing environment.

When To Avoid

Avoid transpalnting seedlings or plants during extereme weather conditions or seasons such as very hot summer or chilling cold winters.

How To Transplant

Spring or fall is the right season to transplant your plants. Select a larger pot, or spot & prepare potting mix to fill them. Make sure to have proper drainage. 


Make a hole larger than the root ball of the plant. Dig around the base of the plant & remove carefully to plant in the new location.


Set the plant into the new hole, fill empty space around the plant with soil or potting mix & carefully tighten the soil around the base. 

Watering & Care

Apply water immediately after transplantation & keep the plant under shade until it shows healthy growth. 

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