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What Does A Seed Need To Grow Into A Plant

by aditya abhishek


If you try to grow plants from seeds, but don't understand what seeds need to grow into a plant, then read these guidelines very carefully...


It need water to start the germination process. The water softens the seed coat & triggers the seed to start taking up water, which activates enzymes that break down stored food in the seed.

However, it doesn't mean that you should overwater. Apply water only to keep the germination medium a little moist but not waterlogged. Water should drain out perfectly. 


When a seed is watered, it also takes in oxygen from the surrounding air through tiny pores in the seed coat. That's why use porus medium for seed germination. 

Potting Mix

Well draining, porous potting mix made by mixing 50% cocopeat + 30% leaf compost + 20% perlite + one pinch of SAAF fungicide is ideal for germinating seeds.


Once they sprout & develop roots, it requires sunlight for photosynthesis. But before that, keep germination tray under shade. 


They are essential building blocks for the plant's cells, and they come from the soil or from fertilizers. You can use leaf compost or dung manure to provide nutrients.


Seeds need a suitable temperature range to germinate and grow. Different types of plants have different temperature requirements. That's why sow at the right season. 

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