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What To Do When Mango Starts Flowering

by aditya abhishek


Mango is a tropical fruit tree which starts flowering from February to March. And if your mango tree has started flowering too, then follow these guidelines to get maximum fruit yield. 


After harvesting of fruits, you should complete pruning in the trees as soon as possible. This will promote growth of new branches & flower buds in the next season. 

Spray Fungicide

With the onset of flowering in mango tree, you should start spraying of organic or inorganic fungicide to prevent any fungal disease in future. 

Start Watering

During flowering & fruiting phase, irrigation is essential for mango trees. Start watering with the onset on buds on the tree. You will need to water more often in sandy soils. 

Spray Growth Regulators

To increase fruit retention in the mango tree, spray NAA @20 ppm at flowering. 

Apply Fertilizers

To increase flowering in mango tree, you can spray 0.5% Urea (5 g/litre) or 1% Potassium Nitrate (10g/litre) in February. Or you can also use dung manure and fish emulsion fertilizers. 

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