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Amazing Vining Plants For Home Garden

by aditya abhishek

Orange Flame Vine

If you want to make your balcony garden colourful with orange coloured flowering vine then you can grow this vine in your balcony. 


Clematis flower colour vary from pink to purple in colour and they can even flower in various seasons depending on variety. 


They are perennial vining plant that can grow easily in colder climate and produce white to purple coloured flowers from mid-spring. 

Morning Glory 

Perfect for hot tropical to sub tropical climate and flowers from spring to late summer. This vine is easy to grow and you start growing them by sowing seeds. 

Passion Flower Vine

Passion flower vine also has spritual significance. They flower from spring to late summer season and you can grow them in medium sized pot in balcony. 


Monstera is a tropical vine that grows very well in indirect sunlight with less care, keep the soil litle moist and mist them time to time for better growth. 


Another wonderful vining plant that grows well in balcony in philodendron. There are various types of philodendron that you can grow in little moist soil. 


If you want to enjoy delicious fruits direct from your balcony then you can grow grapevine, although they require larger pots to grow and you need to take good care. 

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