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Trees Name In English

By Aditya Abhishek

Peepal or Sacred Fig is commonly found in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China & Indonesia.

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English Name: Sacred Fig

हिंदी नाम: पीपल

Tamarind or Imlee tree is popular for its sweet and tangy pulpy fruit in the world. 

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English Name: Tamarind

हिंदी नाम: इमली

Sapodilla or Chikoo tree is an evergreen tree that is native to Mexico, central America, and the Caribbean.

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English Name: Sapodilla

हिंदी नाम: चीकू

Jackfruit or Kathal tree is a tropical tree which originated in southern part of India

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English Name: Jackfruit

हिंदी नाम: कटहल

Indian lilac or neem tree is native to India and Africa. This tree is packed with medicinal benefits according to Ayurveda.

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English Name: Indian lilac

हिंदी नाम: नीम

Custard Apple or Sitafal is native to America and West Indies. Due to sweetness of its fruit it is also called as "Sugar Apple."

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English Name: Custard Apple

हिंदी नाम: सीताफल

Date Palm or Khajoor originated in Iraq, and it is the staple food and main source of income in deserts of Africa and Middle East.

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English Name: Date Palm

हिंदी नाम: खजूर

Indian Gooseberry or Amla is native to India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Fruit of this tree has medicinal benefits.

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English Name: Indian gooseberry

हिंदी नाम: आंवला 

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