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Top 10 Fast Growing Indoor Plants 

by aditya abhishek


If you are looking for fast-growing indoor plants for your home, then you can bring these plants that are fast-growing as well as can be propagated easily. 


Pothos is one the most easy to grow as well as fast growing indoor plants that can grow in water and soil. You can propagate them from stem cuttings. 

Spider Plants

Spider plants can grow in a wide range of soils and produce baby plantlets regularly that can be potted separately. They do well in indirect to direct sunlight. 

Broken Heart Plant

The broken heart plant is a fast-growing houseplant which loves slightly moist soil and humid environments to grow and spread rapidly. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a drought-tolerant, shade-loving, fast-growing, air-purifying houseplant with medicinal benefits and can be propagated from offsets. 

Turtle Vine

Another easy-to-grow, propagate and fast-growing houseplant is the turtle vine. You can grow them in a wide range of soils and they look beautiful in hanging pots. 

Dumb Canes

Dumb Canes also known as "Dieffenbachia" are known for their lush, tropical foliage and are relatively fast growers. 

Arrowhead Plant

Syngonium podophyllum also known as the Arrowhead plant is a fast-growing indoor plant and is popular for its arrowhead-shaped leaves. 

Wandering Jew

Wandering Jew also known as "Inch Plant" is a fast-growing houseplant that can grow in a wide range of soils and looks good in hanging baskets. 

Boston Fern

Boston fern is a humidity loving plant that you can even keep in your bathroom. They are fast-growing and can be propagated easily. 


Gerbera is a fast growing indoor flowering plant that grows well under bright indirect sunlight. They bloom from late spring through autumn.

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