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Top 10 Agriculture Business Ideas In India

by aditya abhishek


If you are an agriculturist, farmer or any person who is willing to invest in agribusiness, then these top 10 agribusiness ideas in India are worth investing. 

Dairy Farming

India is one of the largest milk producers as well as consumers globally, making dairy farming a profitable venture. Hence, you can set up your own dairy farm. 

Poultry Farming

Poultry products like eggs and chicken are in high demand in India.   Hence, you can set up a poultry farm with desirable variety of poultry birds to start earning. 

Fish Farming

India's growing population has led to increased demand for fish. You can cultivate eadible as well as ornamental fish or fish foods to start earning in India. 

Medicinal Herbs

Cultivation of medicinal herbs such as Amla, Aloe vera, Isabgol, Ipecac, Safed Musli, etc. can be profitable by selling raw products to pharmaceutical companies. 

Mushroom Farming

If you are thinking to make a profit with low investment and space, then practicing mushroom farming can fulfill your wish. You can cultivate medicinal mushrooms for high profit.

Organic Farming

People are becoming health conscious and the demand for organic food is rising, hence you can take the lead and start your organic farm. 


Beekeeping is not only about honey production but also about pollination services, which are crucial for agriculture. You can also sell other apiculture products. 


You can produce organic fertilizers through vermicomposting & it will be a sustainable and eco-friendly business idea. Sell compost on online platforms like Amazon. 


India's floriculture industry is booming, driven by events, celebrations, and exports. You can cultivate Lily, rose, gerbera, lavender, orchids etc. in your farm.


If you own a farm, then you can build beautiful houses, organize farm activities, present local art and food and start an agri-tourism hub spot. 

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