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Top Fruits Exported From India

by aditya abhishek


India is a country where agriculture is one of the major professions of the rural communities. Because of this, a large area of land is used for farming. 

Largest Exporter

As a result of hardworking farmers, climate, and soil, India exported fruits of worth Rs. 6,219.46 crores to the world. 

Fruit Crops

Our major fruit crops that are exported to various parts of the world are Grapes, Pomegranates, Mangoes, Bananas, and Oranges.

Major Countries

We export the majority of our fruit to countries such as United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, U.k, Qatar, Oman & Iraq.


We export pomegrantes at the rate of $8 per 10 Kilograms to Israel, Greece, Russia, United Arab Emirates, and Italy.


India is the largest producer as well as exporter of mangoes to the world.  We export mangoes to United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Qatar.

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