What Is Subsistence Farming?

By: Aditya Abhishek Agriculture Review


Practicing farming of crops & raising of livestock to meet the needs of food for themselves or their families is "Subsistence farming."

Generally farmers with small landholdings practices Subsistence farming. 

You will be surprised to know that subsistence farming was the first kind of cultivation practices seen in early civilization.

It started around 12,000 years ago, before that humans used to hunt and eat. 

Mixed cropping is the common feature of subsistence farming. It helps to increase soil fertility and reduce dependence on external inputs.

Maize, beans, and squash are commonly found group of crops grown in subsistence farming. 

Shifting cultivation, Sedentary farming, Nomadic farming, & Intensive subsistence farming are types of subsistence farming.

All the waste material from farm & livestock are utilized, hence it is environment friendly.

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