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Reena Sheth's Journey to Blissful Gardening

by aditya abhishek

Gardening is an activity that can create a positive environment & make life blissful. Reena Sheth, a mother of two daughters, started gardening journey four years ago.

She started with just three pots on her balcony, gradually learned growing plants from internet & expanded her collection to include various types of plants.

Despite initially hiring a gardener, Reena felt the need to personally care for her plants and provide them with love and attention. Now she spends extra time daily to nurture her plants. 

At present, she has an awesome collection of flowering, foliage, vegetables, and succulent plants. She enjoys her free time in her garden talking with her plants.

She says that plants need similar care as humans. They need food in the form of fertilizers, water and air. As we humans are prone to diseases so as plant are. 

So it is equally important to keep a tab on your plants as per the change in weather. But at times you may have to bid goodbye to one or two of them. 

She also shared moments of joy and happiness with people who love plants. It is great to connect with people with similar interest and exchange plants. 

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