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Know How Rachana Upadhyay Planted Over 1000 Plants

by aditya abhishek

Patlu Ka Garden

Rachana Upadhyay popular as "Patlu Ka Garden" on social media platform has planted over 1000 plants in her garden in Delhi. Here is her inspiring story. 

Roots In Uttarakhand

Rachana from Uttarakhand developed a love for plants & gardening, influenced by her mother, grandfather & uncle who worked in the horticulture department. 

Journey Beginnings

Rachana who was inspired by her mother started her journey by planting Echeveria plant and expanded her collection, ultimately growing over 100 fruit-bearing plants. 


In 2020, Rachna's mother passed away suddenly. She felt solace and peace in being around plants. Spending time in the garden reminded her of her mother. 

Daily Routine

She wakes up early in the morning, goes for a walk in her garden, takes care of watering plants precisely and focuses on misting humidity loving houseplants daily. 

Yoga In The Garden

She also practices early morning yoga in her garden for stress relief and inner piece. By practicing yoga she feels united with her plants. 

Favourite Plants

Rachana's favourite plants include the air-purifying Areca Palm, Aglaonema, Snake Plant, and adaptable ZZ Plant for low-light conditions. 


Rachana urges everyone to create a small green corner, fostering harmony with nature and offering a stress-free heaven to feel within. 

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