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Know About Masanobu Fukuoka Way Of Natural Farming

by aditya abhishek


Masanobu Fukuoka was a popular Japanese farmer and philosopher known for his works on natural farming and the re-vegetation of deserted lands in Japan. 


During his lifetime, he wrote books such as The One-Straw Revolution, The Natural Way of Farming, and Sowing Seeds in the Desert which contain lessons about sustainability.  


Masanobu Fukuoka received awards such as Ramon Magsaysay Award, Desikottam Award and Earth Council Award for his highly innovative works in agriculture. 

Natural Farming

According to his ideas, he called the natural way of farming, a method of Do-nothing farming. He advocated that tilling, plowing, external inputs, etc. are unnecessary.  

No Tilling & Plowing

Fukuoka advocated for the elimination of traditional farming practices like plowing and tilling, which disturb the soil's natural structure and disrupt the ecosystem.  

Minimal Weeding

Instead of constantly weeding, Fukuoka promoted the idea of "do-nothing" farming when it came to weeding so that the nature could maintain its balance naturally. 


He emphasized the importance of mulching with straw or other organic materials to protect the soil from erosion, maintain moisture and improve soil fertility. 

Clay Seed Balls

Fukuoka re-developed a technique known as "seed balls" or "clay seed bombs." It protects seeds from predators and creates a favourable condition for the germination. 


He promoted planting multiple crops together which helps to naturally control pests and diseases while enhancing biodiversity and soil health. 

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