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How To Start Hydroponic Farming At Home For Beginners

by aditya abhishek


It  is a method of growing plants in a water-based nutrient-rich solution, without the use of soil. It helps in ensuring optimum yield, reducing water loss & nutrient waste.


Before starting a hydroponics system, get to know about pros & cons of each system. NFT system is considered best for hydroponics. 

Arrange Materials

Buy necessary equipments such as substrates, grow tray, net pots, nutrient solutions, pump, air stone, pH meter, EC meter, etc.

System Materials 

40 mm GI Pipes for frame, 16 mm steel brackets, PVC Pipes 3 Inches, 1/2 inches pipes, Female Valve, Net Cups, Connectors 3/4 inches, Nutrient Tank, Water Pump, and Air Pump.

Choose Plants

Not all plants can grow in a hydroponic system. Some popular crops are crops include lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, and strawberries. Get to know about nutrient, pH & E.C. for each plant. 

Start Sowing

Sow seeds in oasis cubes and transplant them in net cups filled with expanded clay balls. Make sure to increase nutrient concentration slowly. 

pH Control

To control pH buy pH Up and pH down solution. Use it according to the instructions given in the packet. Keep checking pH daily to avoid damage. 


Keep maintaing nutrient in the water and harvest your produce once they are ready to enjoy your fresh, homegrown produce!

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