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How To Know What Is My Gardening Zone

by aditya abhishek

Gardening Zone

A gardening zone represents a geographical area having a similar average annual minimum temperature. Temperature plays an important role in the growth of plants. 


Knowing the gardening zone helps in deciding whether a plant species can grow in your region or not. Hence you can use this method to know your gardening zone. 

Zip Code

To know your exact gardening zone, you will need to know your Zip Code. You can easily find your city zip code on Google. 

USDA Website

The next step is to visit this website URL: "" and enter your zip code given on the right top of the map. 


After entering your zip code, click on the search icon and wait for a few seconds. Your USDA Gardening Zone will be displayed on the screen. 


Once you have known your gardening zones, it is time to find the perfect plants suitable for your region. You can always match them with plant care guides.

Agriculture Review

On Agriculture Review, you can find suitable USDA gardening zones for every plant in our plant care articles. 

Expert Advice

However, if you need any assistance or guidance regarding growing your plants successfully in your gardening then connect with us now!

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