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How To Kill Aphids On Houseplants

by aditya abhishek


However, houseplants are not easily prone to aphids, but in severe cases, it can harm your plant. Where there are aphids, ants will automatically get attracted. 


Curled leaves, yellowing, sticky residue (honeydew), or small green, brown, or black insects clustered on the leaves & stems are signs of aphid infestation. 


The first important step you should take is to isolate the affected plant from the rest to stop the spread. 

Physical Control

Remove the pest manually with the helps of cotton cloth or swab. You can also use stream of water. Or remove the infected part completely. 

Organic Control

Take 1 litre of water, mix 5 ml of neem oil & 10 drops of liquid soap, shake it well and spray during morning hours once a week. 

Inorganic Control

If physical & organical method fails, then apply Methyl demeton 25 EC 2 ml or Dimethoate 30 EC 2 ml diluted in a litre of water on plants to kill aphids.


If you want to avoid chemical or inorganic methods, then you need to follow the organic method periodically as it takes time to show effects. But apply only once a week. 

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