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How To Grow Money Plant In Water

by aditya abhishek


Pothos also known as "Money Plant" in India can be grown very easily in water. Take care of these important tips to get healthy growth of the plant in water. 

Glass Jar

Glass jars are considered one of the best containers to grow money plants in water. You can select glass jars of any shape with at least 4 inches in depth to grow money plants. 


To propagate the money plant in water, take 4 to 5 inches of stem cuttings, remove leaves from the bottom end of the cuttings, and place them in water at room temperature. 


Keep the money plant under bright indirect sunlight, but avoid keeping them under direct sunlight as it can damage their leaves. Within a week or two roots will start developing. 


While growing money plants in water, you can use well-balanced 1/2 teaspoon NPK in 1 liter of water to spray on the plant for healthy growth or can use fish tank water. 

Water Change

Once after every seven days, you should change the water in the jar. It will help to avoid the growth of bacteria and promote the supply of fresh oxygen to the plant. 


Do not let the water in the jar dry out completely or algal growth in water. Water change is necessary for the healthy and disease free growth of money plants. 

Expert Advice

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